Shinae Kondoh / Professor

E-mail:skondoh at

Nowadays, one of two people experiences cancer diseases in life. Long-term cure of the diseases is still challenging even with current medical cares. In Kondoh laboratory, we have brought advanced biotechnologies in cancer research field to develop innovative therapeutic strategies.


Tetsuya Kadonosono / Assistant Professor (Tenure Track)

E-mail:tetsuyak at

We are trying to develop efficient drugs and imaging probes targeting malignant tumor cells. Currently our major studies are as follows. 1. Development of highly effective peptide-based drugs. 2. Drug screening toward dormant cancer cells.


Hitomi Miyabara / D3


The aim of my research is to develop new applications of cancer imaging.


Tran Thi Phuong Diem / D3


My name DIEM. I come from Viet Nam, a tropical country. I am really excited to start life and study in Japan. Now I have to try hard to reach my goal-figure out a new gene related to metastasis in cancer by gaining new knowledge. I’d like to travel around the world and have own recycled book store.


Wanaporn Yimchuen / D3


Hello. My name is Wanaporn Yimchuen, you can call me Mild. I come from Thailand. I am M1 student belong to MAC group in Kondoh sensei lab.


Kyra See / D2


Hello there! My name is Kyra. I come from the Philippines. I am interested in the manipulation of proteins for therapeutic use. In my free time, I enjoy eating (especially sweets!), watching TV series, and reading fiction novels.


Misa Minegishi / D1


I love Disneyland and enjoy talking with people. I want to cherish every single experience that I have gained in this lab!


Qiannan Wang/D1


Hello, My name is Wang Qiannan, from China. I am interested in cancer and now mainly focus on the therapy of dormant cancer cell. I really enjoy my life here and hope gradually develop to the person I really want to be. In my spare time, I prefer to go out to get close to nature.


John Clyde Co Soriano / D1


Hi there! My name is Clyde and I’m from the Philippines. My research interest is looking for the roles and impact of stromal cells in tumor microenvironment. I hope this knowledge can aid drug development. My hobbies include playing badminton and exploring Japan.


Kazuki Aida / M2


I wish to broaden my perspectives and learn a lot of things regarding to cancer through my time in this lab!


Ryu-ichiro Hirano / M2


I want to work on my research while challenging various things in order to contribute to the cancer treatment field!

My hobby is mountain climbing.


Satoshi Fujimori / M2


I wish to grow as a person through my time in this lab. Even though I have to start from scratch, I would like to take one step at a time. I want to visit Disneyland in Florida.


Tomohiro Tanaka / M1


I will keep reminding myself of practicing critical thinking and forming my own opinion in my research.

I hope that I can help people and contribute to the society even the slightest!


Shiho Tsutsumi / M1


I would like to work hard so that I can acquire a broad range of knowledge and skills,and become an excellent scientist who is able to contribute to the society.

My aim is to overcome early to bed and early to rise, filling up my lab notebooks with beautiful handwriting, and coming out with meaningful results.


Arisa Yoshida / M1


Research: I am interested in the behavior of cancer cells!

Aim: First, I would like to acquire related knowledge and experiment skills steadily from scratch.

Then, I would like to grow as a person while working on various things.


Su-moe Ryo / M1


I wish to learn a lot of things through my time in this lab and grow as a person.

I love to watch videos about pandas.


Shymmaa Khatab / M1


Hey, I am Shymmaa Khatab, from Egypt. I am interested in doing research about peptides for cancer treatment. I like deep and inspiring talks, learning new languages to understand other cultures and mindsets.


Eriko Deguchi / B4


I would like to work hard everyday to become a researcher who has dicipline and holds a belief.

I love french horn, travelling and watching baseball games.


Arisa Hoashi / B4


I would like to keep reminding myself of cherishing my curiosity and working hard independently.


Kotaro Miyamoto / B4

I want to discover something that causes a breakthrough in cancer treatment!

My hobby is badminton.


Koya Honma / B4


My motto is ” to maintain the status quo even if it fails”. I would like to challenge different kinds of things.

I will also work hard to keep a good balance between baseball and research.


Saki Sakurai/B3


I am joining the Butoh Club as a captain. I would like to work hard so that I can make every effort in my research life, of course and other things to come out with good results, and become a super woman!


Koki Okamoto/B3


I would like to work hard so that I can become a person who is able to contribute to the society.


Masaya Muto /B3


Although I am still not sure of what I can do in research, I will work hard and face my research sincerely.




I am a new member of Kondoh Lab and I am a Malaysian. I would like to power up myself in this lab so that I can become a researcher who is able to contribute to the health of people in the future!


Nobuko Tanaka / Technical assistant





All alumni are active in various fields including academia, industry and government!